What are Rox?

Rox Glass Diffusion Stones upgrade almost any water pipe safely, simply, and economically. Why spend hundreds of dollars on pieces with fancy built-in or add-on diffusers? With Rox you can easily reinvent your favorite pipe or improve a new one at a fraction of the cost!

Rox are made of art glass, which is softer than the borosilicate glass used in pipes, making it unlikely to scratch your pipe. They’re non-toxic, colorless and impermeable to water or odors.


How do they work?

When you draw smoke through a pipe filled with Rox and water, the smoke forms bubbles that are cooled and cleaned by the water, providing a smoother and more enjoyable smoke. The smaller the bubble, the more surface area it has. The more surface area is exposed to water, the faster your smoke cools.

Rox are unique because of their organic shape. Products that are perfectly round can never leave less than 26% empty space no matter how tightly they’re packed. Rox aren’t perfectly round, so they pack together much more tightly. You get finer bubbles without putting your downstem and pipe at risk.